Tannoy Gold 8 Review


This is my quick review of the Tannoy Gold 8 Studio Monitors. The specification sheet is linked here. For more information please visit the Tannoy’s official website.


The Tannoy Gold 8 are made in China, they have a sturdy build and a clean finish. Every monitor comes with a manual, a power plug and a 3.5mm stereo jack cable.


In the Front there is Tannoys famous dual concentric speaker with an 8 inch woofer and the integrated 1 inch tweeter. Below we have the bass port.

Integrated into the bass port is the control panel. Here you can find the volume control and the high frequency trim as well as a power LED and the cool Tannoy Logo.

It is very convenient to have these controls on the front side of the speaker. You can Instantly see and adjust the volume by simply reaching out and changing the level, without having to bend over the monitor or crawl behind it in order to do so.

The volume knob has a nice smooth resistance and goes form -24 turned fully down, to -12 with a center dent, up to 0 turned fully up. The high frequency trim has 5 settings -2, -1, 0, 1 and 2, latching with a nice click into the desired position. Both knobs have an ergonomic shape, a nice size and a clear indicator which makes them easy to operate.

The power LED lights in a nice green color indicating that the monitor is on and changes to red if the monitor goes into standby mode or if the overall audio level is too high.


At the back of the monitor there is a AUX input for direct playback form your computer or phone via the 3.5mm stereo jack. Next there is a Monitor Link output for connecting another monitor also via the 3.5mm stereo jack. The Speaker Position selector switch can be toggled L or R and should be adjusted accordingly to the speakers position in the room.

The Bass Adjust is a low frequency trim allowing you to lower the bass from 0 to -2 down to -4.

The Tannoy Gold accepts two input sources simultaneously, via a balanced or unbalanced ¼ inch Jack and XLR connector.

Above the Inputs is an Auto-Standby switch which can be toggled on. This engages a mode that will shut down the speakers when no audio is being played back. In this case the power LED at the front panel will turn red. The speakers will automatically turn back on when playing music. This takes about 4,5 seconds, so I don’t recommend it when actively working on a mix.

At last we have the power plug connector and the power switch which is located directly above the power cable, making it easy to find without looking.


In my opinion the Tannoy Gold 8 have a very linear frequency response through out the whole spectrum. They sound neither nice or pretty nor harsh or middy in any way. Just very neutral and balanced which makes them great studio monitors for detailed work. The stereo imaging is extremely clear, making it easy to locate Instruments in the mix.

With these monitors I particularly noticed the difference in various audio resolutions. Listening to music on YouTube, or saved as an MP3 file vs a CD makes a huge difference with these speakers. When listening to my mix on different speakers I realized that the Tannoys translate really well.


To answer your questions about the sub bass response of the speakers I must say that they perform well but I guess if you are making music, that is mainly happening in this register, you will need a sub woofer. The bass response is great but when listening to a sub bass program I had a feeling like there is something missing at the bottom end. Please know that I am no expert in this area, since the music I make does not require this very low end.

Also I didn’t notice any distortion of the woofer when listening to bassy music with loud volume, nor when watching a movie trailer like Rambo or Terminator. I also played Battlefield 1 on these speakers and they blow your head clean off. You can use the HF-Trim on the front panel to lower the Trebles in case the monitor starts sounding to sharp for your ears.

I was asked if the Tannoy Gold 8 can be used as speakers for critical listening of music from a bigger distance. It is possible but I wouldn’t recommend them for this kind of application, since these are near field studio monitors designed to produce music.


Ultimately my opinion about the appearance. These speakers look extremely elegant and professional. They are a pure pleasure to look at. They are bigger then I expected but after a week of having them standing on my desk I got used to their size. I love them and recommend them to anyone who wants to upgrade their studio with a pair of professional monitors.

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